How to Lose Weight

It isn’t an easy task to lose weight, not only do you need the determination to lose weight but also proper attitude. However, sometimes no matter what you do, you experience a feeling of dissatisfaction because you don’t see significant results. In this article, we’ll be sharing the ways to lose weight:

  • Increase your calories intake daily by 10%

If you think that you’re eating just 1000 calories per day, chances are you’re actually having 1100 calories. It’s always better to add an extra 10 percent to get an accurate understanding of how much food you’re actually consuming.

  • Sniff a banana, an apple, or a peppermint when you feel hungry

When you sniff a food, your brain actually thinks that you’re eating it. Sometimes, to avoid abnormal hunger pangs, it’s a good idea to sniff an apple just to fool your brain. This might sound foolish at first, but it’s a scientifically proven fact.

  • Stare at blue color when you feel hungry

Blue color is renowned for decreasing appetite. The best way to implement this principle is to eat your foods in a blue plate. Try to include as much as blue color possible in your surroundings while you eat. You might have your walls painted blue as well if you think it’ll help.

  • Eat in front of mirror

You’ll never eat much if you eat in front of a mirror. You’ll always remember why you wanted to cut down your weight in the first place. Silly as it may sound, this has been scientifically proven too! So the next time you eat, make sure you can see yourself while you eat.

  • Walk five minutes every two hours

Walking is one of the best ways to reduce weight if you think running and jogging isn’t your cup of tea. Plus it’ll help to keep your body active. You’ll be surprised to know that 20 minutes of walking a day can contribute significantly towards your weight loss regime.

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