How to Control Anger

The person who can control his anger is the person who can control the outcomes of a situation. Anger makes a man do stupid things which he eventually repents his entire life. To make sure you never fall in such a situation, we present you these simple but yet effective ways to control anger.

  • Breathe deeply

When you’re angry you receive a sudden rush of adrenaline making your blood run faster and breathe fast too. When you breathe deep and breathe slow, it will help you to relax your mind and take better decisions.

  • Ask for the support of someone you trust

The common mistake a man does is that he considers himself to be alone in the world. If you ask for the support of someone trustworthy, you’ll always be in a cooler mind and you’ll fall angry less quickly.

  • Remember the best times you have spent and remember every happy situation possible, if you can.

Remembering such situation spreads a pleasant mood in your mind which ultimately cools you down. The rule of thumb is pleasant memories cool your brain and unpleasant ones makes it hot.

  • Count to 10

This is a golden trick to avoid doing stupid things in anger. Always count to ten whenever you think you’re starting to become angry and completely avoid thinking about the present scenario. By the time you’re done till 10, you’ll become much calmer and you’ll be less prone to make rash decisions.

  • Use humor to release tension

Trying to find out a funny side to the situation always helps you to increase your character. Instead of trying to promote tension (which is the easiest thing to do) between you two, try to defuse the matter and take control of the current situation. You’ll be the better man than him.

  • Practice relaxation skills

Relaxation skills such as taking a deep breath, singing a song inside your mind, meditation and yoga greatly influence your mind in a positive manner. You’ll soon develop a better attitude towards any situation and you’ll notice that you’ve become proactive instead of being reactive.

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