Grow Smarter

You might be dressing the best or you might be the nerd who knows the value of pi to 100 decimal places, if you aren’t smart, you aren’t required. Harsh, but that’s the way it has always been. But the good news is that there are ways to improve your smartness and here we’re going to discuss the top 5 ways to grow smarter.

  • Cultivate your reading habits

The person who read the book on Gandhi is surely going to be smarter than the person who still likes reading batman (no disrespect, but you cannot expect to grow smart by it). Reading is the best exercise for your brain and a new source of knowledge for you. Books are the only best friend of mankind that doesn’t ask for anything!

  • Notice how they do it

The next time you see a person whom you think to be smart and cool, try to observe the little details of his action such as how he stands, how he talks, what he talks and how he dresses. Don’t be a photocopy of him, just take his best portions, and combine the best of both worlds.

  • Exercise

This should probably go without saying but I’ll say it just to be safe. Exercise builds a better mind and a better body and when you have them both, you cultivate something called ‘confidence’ which will eventually make you smarter over the time.

  • Smart work or hard work?

Hard work pays but smart work pays better. However make sure you don’t get into trouble by acting extra smart. What would you like to do to push a heavy box? Work hard by dragging it all along (or even lifting it a few inches from ground) or act smart by attaching two pairs of wheels?

  • Mix with more people

If you’re going to spend all your time indoors, you’re going to be blunt just like a knife becomes if it isn’t sharpened. Mixing with people helps you to understand the society better and ultimately makes you much smarter. You can immediately spot the kid in the party who never goes out of his room!

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