Decorate Room

By applying simple basic principles of art, you can convert even the ugliest of rooms to beautiful ones. Some of them require a little effort instead of money while others require simple imagination. If you’re searching for the top 5 ways to decorate your room, then you’ve struck gold my friend.

  • Consider ambient sources of light

For those of you who may not know what this means, ambient sources mean indirect sources. Instead of having a simple bulb or tube-light emitting light to the room, have the light reflected from a painting, or an art, or a handicraft. It looks much better.

  • Avoid stuffing your room with furniture

I know many of you may love to buy furniture but what many don’t understand is that furniture takes up a lot of space and make your room seem small and burdened. You wouldn’t want that to happen would you? Instead, have little furniture but more detailing such as handicrafts (but don’t overdo on them either).

  • Hang pictures or art

I’ve covered a little bit of this on my first point but hanging relevant pictures is very important. You’d like to hang classical pictures instead of rock band ones. Also, the size of the frame should also be considered keeping the room size in mind.

  • Get your colors right

Painting your room with the right color is very much important. Red might be your favorite color but rarely looks good in a room. Classic colors such as sky blue go really well. Avoid darker colors if you live in a hot area since they absorb much more heat.

  • Organizing is the key

Keep your room organized because no matter what color your room is, how many pictures or handicrafts you have, if your room is messy then it ruins everything. This takes up some effort in the beginning but then you should be having no problem leading it.

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