Advertise Your Website

If your business is at its nascent stage then perhaps you’d be looking for various ways to advertise your online presence for no cost at all. To be completely honest with you, the one thing that you wouldn’t know is that while the ways to advertise your website for free are innumerous, they do take up a lot of effort from your part. These methods though are very effective we’ll be sharing the top 5 ways to promote your website for free.

  • Online directories

You might have heard of online yellow pages sites such as and many others. You can put up your website along with the services that you provide in these websites for absolutely free but loading media files might charge you some money. Also, try to make sure that the content in your website is SEO optimized. You could also post your business on places such as Google Places, Yahoo Local directories etc.

  • Social Media

You’re missing out a huge audience if you don’t have your website advertised in places such as Twitter and Facebook. Creating a Facebook page for your business is absolutely free and you could even link them to your individual Facebook profile if you want.

  • PR releases website

If you have recently launched a service that you would like to announce without spending any money then websites such as I-Newswire, etc is the perfect option for you. While they wouldn’t post in main media outlets, this will do a pretty decent job for you. Through this announcement you could even promote your website.

  • Email signatures

While this method is one of the most effective ones, it is still one of the most ignored ones also. At the end of every email that you send, post the link of your website.

  • Commenting in Blog posts

Being a blogger, the one thing every bloggers like is for people to leave behind comments because this shows search engines like Google that people are actively visiting your blog and your blog rankings increase which also increases your chances to earn money through advertising. If you leave behind the link of your website at your favorite and some renowned blog posts, this will do you two benefits:

  • It’ll build the SEO strength of your website.
  • It’ll also serve as an advertising method too.

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